Why Devon Thinks Denis Has No Chance Against Ermes

Hello arm wrestling fans, as we know Denis Vs Ermes is going to happen at King of the Table in June, and since the match has been announced fans are so excited to see Denis competing again on the arm wrestling table.

Denis is considered one of the strongest arm wrestlers in the history of arm wrestling, and he has been so dominant arm wrestler during his prime and defeated every opponent. Even in 2018, he beat Devon Larratt in a left-hand super match in such a dominant fashion that no one has done like this to Devon before him.

That makes him the special arm wrestler in the arm wrestling world.

Devon’s Opinion On Ermes Vs Denis

As we know, Denis lost to Devon Larratt at East Vs West 10 by 0-3 and since then people have been underestimating him. Even Devon didn’t win this match easily, he had to tire Denis to win this match. Denis performed quite well against Devon Larratt as compared to Ermes Gasparini.

Devon's opinion on Denis Vs Ermes
Devon’s opinion on Denis Vs Ermes

Now let’s talk about Devon’s opinion about this match. Devon thinks this is a mismatch and Ermes will destroy Denis completely.

Devon thinks Denis is defensive and if he plays defensive against Ermes, he will pin him so easily, even faster than him. So basically Devon thinks Ermes is very tool and he is one of the most versatile arm wrestlers.

Ermes will have a comfortable grip on Denis, and if Ermes has access to his power, then there is no athlete in superheavyewight division who can defeat him.

What is stopping Denis From Reach His Prime

As we know Denis felt sick in 2018 due to heavy lifting, and since then he had to go through severe health issues. Denis had been out of the arm wrestling game for almost 5 years and stopped training since then.

What is stopping Denis From Reach His Prime
What is stopping Denis From Reach His Prime

He made his return to arm wrestling in early 2023 against John Breznk and successfully won that match.

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But we saw clearly Denis is not the same anymore as he used to be in his prime. So his training style and arm wrestling style have been changed completely.

Now he is more defensive and doesn’t play attacking games. Because of this Devon took full advantage of this at East Vs West.

If Denis gets relief from all these issues, then we can see Denis again on the arm wrestling table that we saw before 2018.

Denis himself said many times that he needed to get his hip replacement, and he clearly said after his coming match against Ermes Gasparini, he would get it done.

Why People Have Been Underestimating Denis Cyplenkov?

After Denis lost to Devon Larratt, people think Denis is weak, but they forgot Denis still is so stronger than most of the top athletes, and able to beat them. The only thing he needs is time, he gets more time, and he gets relief from all health issues, then he can get stronger.

Even in this form, he can beat so many top athletes out there. No one can tell who will win Ermes or Denis, the time will tell.

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