What is Stopping Denis Cyplenkov From Reaching His Prime?

Hello, arm wrestling fans, if you are a big fan of arm wrestling then you must know Denis Cyplenkov. Denis is one of the legends of arm wrestling. He is known for his huge size and incredible strength.

As we know Denis was injured in 2018 and was out of the game for almost 5 years, but now he has returned to arm wrestling once again. But he has not gained his prime shape because of some circumstances.

Although he is slowly getting stronger, he lacks the power he used to possess before he fell sick. Because of all these problems he has evolved his arm wrestling style, and he is more defensive now.

He also accepted this thing after Devon and his match that he needs to get back his power and should focus on more side pressure. He was defensive all the time during the match.

What is Stopping Denis From Reaching His Prime

He has so many issues in his body like hip problems, shoulder issues, and knee problems. So because of all these issues, he can’t lift heavy heights and cannot train like before. Although he said he is taking injections that will solve a few problems. He said he was hoping for the best. If everything goes right he will start his training after January.

He said if there are more complications, then he will go for hip replacement surgery, but he is thinking positively and hoping for the best.

Will Denis Be Able to Achieve His Prime

So if he gets rid of all these problems, we will definitely be able to get his prime shape. He is just compromising his training because of his health issues, otherwise, he will start training as soon as these problems go away.

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