Devon Larratt Challenges Travis Bagent For A Left Hand Supermatch

Hello arm wrestling fans, how are you doing? In this article, we are going to share with you the news Update on Devon Larratt. Devon Larratt wants a left-hand super match against Travis Bagent at Arm Wars.

As doing is going to Los Angeles for the his treatment of right hand, possibly stem cells. So he is looking for a match there. we know Corey West is out of the match because of injury. So wants a match at Arm wars.

Although Travis Bagent needs a match before facing Ermes Gasparini at East Vs West on 20 April 2024, facing Devon Larratt wouldn’t be a good idea as Devon is so strong now even on the left hand, so if Travis faces Devon, he is gonna lose the match.

But if somehow Travis can achieve the previous shape that he had in 2018, then it would be a problem for Ermes too.

What do you guys think should Travis face Devon Larratt at Arm Wars or he should look for another opponent?

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