Devon Larratt Talks On John Vs Leonidas Match

When asked about the potential outcome of the match, Larratt remained cautious in his predictions. “Both John and Leonidas are incredibly talented arm wrestlers,” he said. “It’s difficult to say with certainty who will come out on top. It will depend on their preparation, strategy, and ability to adapt to each other’s styles on the day of the match.

“Larratt’s own experience against Brzenk and Leonidas provides valuable insight into the potential match-up. “John’s shoulder injury has affected his side pressure in recent years,” Larratt noted. “However, his back pressure and hand control remain strong, which could give him an advantage against Leonidas.”On the other hand, Larratt believes Leonidas’ youth and rising strength could be a factor in his favor.

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“Leonidas is younger and has been steadily improving his strength and technique,” Larratt said. “If he can neutralize John’s back pressure and hand control, he may have a chance to win.”Ultimately, Larratt emphasized the unpredictable nature of arm wrestling matches. “Anything can happen in arm wrestling,” he said.

“Both John and Leonidas are world-class athletes, and the match could go either way depending on the day and the circumstances.”As the arm wrestling community eagerly awaits the match between Brzenk and Leonidas, Larratt’s insights provide a unique perspective from a respected veteran of the sport. The match promises to be an exciting and closely contested battle between two of arm wrestling’s most talented competitors.

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