Is Denis Cyplenkov Retired?

If you are an arm wrestling fan, then you must know Denis Cyplenkov. Denis Cyplenkov is one of the strongest arm wrestlers in the history of arm wrestling. Although he was out of the game since due to health. Do you want to know that is Denis Cyplenkov retired? then keep reading this article.

So is Denis Cypelnkov retired, the answer is no, as he made his return to arm wrestling at King of the Table 6 against none other than the GOAT of arm wrestling John Breznk, and successfully won that match.

His second match was against Devon Larratt in which he lost to him, but gave Devon a tough fight as compared to other athletes.

So Denis Cyplenkov is not retired, although he doesn’t compete frequently he compete only twice a year since he returned to arm wrestling.

Denis Cyplenkov Health Problems

Denis has been suffering from many issues like shoulder, hip, and knee issues which is why he lost his power so much. He can’t lift heavy weights as he used to lift before the injury in 2018. Now he is carefully lifting weights and not rushing anything. He shared his problems so many times on the Arm Olymp YouTube channel.

He says he will fix all the issues, and if he has to surgery he will go for that, but he is hoping for the best and wants medicines would do the work and he will be okay.

Denis Cyplenkov’s Next Match

Denis has not said anything about his opponent but he has a match in April or May. He shared about his match many times on the Arm Olymp YouTube channel and said next year he is going to have a match in April or May. He will start training for that match in January.

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