Why It is Almost Impossible For Denis Cyplenkov to Achieve His Prime Again?

Why Denis Cannot Achieve His Prime Again

As we know, Denis Cyplenkov is one of the strongest arm wrestlers in arm wrestling history. Although is not active in arm wrestling like he used to be in the past, but he is taking one or two matches a year. Recently, he canceled his match against Ermes Gasparini, which was supposed to happen at … Read more

Devon Larratt & Brian Shaw Training Together (Game Over Levan)

Devon Larratt and Brian Shaw

Devon Larratt, known as the legend of arm wrestling, and Brian Shaw, the “World’s Strongest Man,” are teaming up. This is making everyone talk. This isn’t just any workout. Picture Larratt, the master of technique, teaching the giant Shaw the ropes. It’s a showdown of epic proportions that could shake up the world of arm … Read more

You Have Heard Of Denis’s Health Problem, Right? If Not Know What Happened

denis cyplenkov health

Denis Cyplenkov is one of the most loved arm wrestlers in the arm wrestling world, not only because of his strength but also because of his calm behavior. Fans like his behavior, he smiles even at his bad times. Denis was supposed to face Erms Gasparini in the upcoming King of the Table 11, but … Read more

Levan Saginashvili’s Superior Bench Press: Outlifting Strongman Brian Shaw

Levan Saginashvili Vs Brian Shaw

The bench press is a key exercise for building upper body strength. It measures how much weight you can push with your upper body. But the way you do it depends on whether you follow the strongman or powerlifter style. Different Styles: Strict vs. Flexible Powerlifters focus on doing the bench press with perfect form. … Read more

Zaur Is Stronger Than Denis Cyplenkov

Hello, arm wrestling fans, in this article we are gonna talk about famous Russian arm wrestler Zaur Paizulaev. We saw Zaur arm wrestling with Davit Dadikyan and Sergey Tokarev. We saw Zaur pinning them effortlessly like nothing, it shows the strength of Zaur. Zaur is on another level. But what we saw in Denis’ training … Read more

Devon Thoughts On Denis Not Pulling Ermes

denis cyplenkov health

Hello, arm wrestling fans, as we know Denis is not facing Ermes at King of the Table 11 because of his health condition. This news made his fans sad, but at the same time fans are also appreciating his decision as health comes first. Denis is not feeling well and is not ready to pull … Read more

Denis Vs Ermes Match Date: Why it Got Postponed

Denis Cyplenkov, a well-known arm wrestler, has decided to delay his upcoming match against Ermes Gasparini. Earlier Denis Vs Ermes match was supposed to happen at King of the Table on June 1st. Although this might upset some fans, it’s important to remember that health and safety come first in sports. Let’s explore why Denis … Read more

Bad News!!! Denis Vs Ermes Match Cancelled

Denis Vs Ermes Match Cancelled

Hello guys, bad news for arm wrestling fans, as the Denis Vs Ermes match which is going to happen at King of the Table 11 got canceled. Let’s dig deep into it. What happened, and why did this match get canceled? Arm wrestling world had been waiting for this match since the time their match … Read more

Ermes Is In Big Trouble!! Denis is Training With Vitaly

denis cyplenkov hand size

Hello, arm wrestling fans, as we know Denis met Vitaly Laletin at the event, and there are some reports that they are training together. If this report is correct, then Ermes might be in big danger, as Vitaly faced Ermes a few months ago, so he knows what weaknesses and strengths Ermes has. So if … Read more