Vitaly Laletin Vs Artyom Morozov: East Vs West 13 Result

As we know, East Vs West 13 is now over, and we have the result of the Vitaly Laletin vs. Artyom Morozov match. This was the main event of the event. Nobody expected what happened last night at East Vs West 13. It was quite a surprise.

Fans anticipated a fierce battle, but it turned out to be a one-sided match, with Morozov unable to do anything against Laletin.

Vitaly Laletin defeated Morozov effortlessly with a 3-0 score. Personally, I thought it would be a difficult match for both of them, but Laletin delivered an incredible performance at the event. He didn’t give Morozov a single chance to make a move.

Morozov was unable to hold Vitaly for even a second; Vitaly pinned him three times in a row, very aggressively.

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This match highlights the current level of Vitaly Laletin. As we know, Vitaly is now fully committed to arm wrestling and has left his truck-driving job. Since he made this announcement, he has improved significantly. He has been demonstrating his progress in every match.

What is Next For Vitaly?

Many arm wrestlers believe that Vitaly Laletin can be a significant threat to Levan Saginashvili. He is the first arm wrestler who managed to stop Levan for a few seconds in a match, and now, being fully committed to arm wrestling and taking it very seriously, he keeps improving his level with each match.

Vitaly could indeed be a serious opponent for Levan. What do you think? Is he a serious threat to Levan or not? Let us know in the comments. For more arm wrestling updates, stay tuned to our website.

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