Why It is Almost Impossible For Denis Cyplenkov to Achieve His Prime Again?

As we know, Denis Cyplenkov is one of the strongest arm wrestlers in arm wrestling history. Although is not active in arm wrestling like he used to be in the past, but he is taking one or two matches a year.

Recently, he canceled his match against Ermes Gasparini, which was supposed to happen at King of the Table 11 on June 1, but due to his health issues, he had to cancel this match.

Ermes Gasparini is one of the top arm wrestlers in modern arm wrestling, and he is the guy who stopped Levan Saginashvili in a super match. So it shows how strong Ermes Gasparini is.

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Why Denis Cannot Achieve His Prime Again?

There are multiple reasons for this, as Denis’ current shape is not even close to his shape against Devon Larratt. As we know, Denis faced Devon at East vs. West 10 on November 11, and he lost to him very badly. And Denis himself said many times that his current shape is not even close to his shape against Devon.

And recently we saw him sparring with School Boy, and he was struggling against him, so it proves that Denis’s current shape is very bad.

The main reason behind this is his hip issue; he cannot lift the weight he used to lift in his prime, and even this hip issue is stopping him from working on his defense. So even if he gets his hip issue resolved, he will not be able to compete with top guys so early.

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