Devon Talks About His Rematch Against Levan

Hello arm wrestling fans, in this post we are going to share you with an update regarding Devon Larratt, what he said in Travis Bagent’s podcast about his upcoming match against Levan Saginashvili at East Vs West 12.

If you don’t know East Vs West is going to happen in April 2024, and this is gonna be a revenge match for Devon, as he lost to Levan in 2022 very badly. As he was expecting to beat him then.

So during the podcast, Devon said if I stop Levan, then it’s over, I will beat him and somehow Levan can pin him 4 times in a row that will be incredible.

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So basically Devon thinks he has a chance against him, and this time everyone is convinced as he has leveled up so much since then, in every match he is proving that he can do anything.

In the podcast, it was also seen he was continuously admiring Georgi Tsvetkov and said he is so strong, that he couldn’t do anything against Georgi, as he only did was tire him up and then pin him. He also thinks Georgi can beat Ermes easily.

John Breznk also talked about the Devon Vs Levan rematch, and he thinks Devon has a chance but he thinks Levan is the heavy favorite in the match.

What do you guys think about who is more favorite in this match? Let us know in the comments. For more arm wrestling updates, keep visiting our website.

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