Strongman Meets Arm Wrestling: Devon Larratt Teaches Brian Shaw the Ropes

Strongman Meets Arm Wrestling: Devon Larratt Teaches Brian Shaw the Ropes

In a mix of strength and skill, famous arm wrestler Devon Larratt recently became a mentor to legendary strongman Brian Shaw. These two top athletes from their sports got together to learn the details of arm wrestling, showing off their strength and mutual respect. Devon Larratt is a top arm wrestler with many years of … Read more

Devon Larratt & Brian Shaw Training Together (Game Over Levan)

Devon Larratt and Brian Shaw

Devon Larratt, known as the legend of arm wrestling, and Brian Shaw, the “World’s Strongest Man,” are teaming up. This is making everyone talk. This isn’t just any workout. Picture Larratt, the master of technique, teaching the giant Shaw the ropes. It’s a showdown of epic proportions that could shake up the world of arm … Read more

Levan Saginashvili’s Superior Bench Press: Outlifting Strongman Brian Shaw

Levan Saginashvili Vs Brian Shaw

The bench press is a key exercise for building upper body strength. It measures how much weight you can push with your upper body. But the way you do it depends on whether you follow the strongman or powerlifter style. Different Styles: Strict vs. Flexible Powerlifters focus on doing the bench press with perfect form. … Read more

Devon Larratt Vs. Gennady Kvikvinia: A Rematch in Doubt?

Devon Vs Genadi

Everyone in arm wrestling is buzzing about the epic match between Devon Larratt and Gennady Kvikvinia! But the first time they faced off, people argued a lot about a call the ref made. This video talks about why the match was awesome, and if there will ever be a rematch that everyone wants to see. … Read more

Levan Gives His Prediction On Ermes Vs Denis Match

Levan Gives His Prediction On Ermes Vs Denis Match

Hello guys, as we know Levan beat Devon very badly once again in their rematch. The result was the same as before. Now Levan is officially the number one guy on the right arm. It also shows that no one is near his level for now. Many predicted Devon Vs Levan as 50-50, but the … Read more

Why Devon Lost to Levan So Badly?

Hello Arm Westling fans, as we know East Vs West 12 happened on 20 April, and there were so many great matches happened at the event. Devon Vs Levan was the biggest match of the event. Although fans thought it would be a war, the match went one-sided, as Levan completely destroyed Devon. Devon was … Read more

Devon Vs Levan: East Vs 12 Result

Hello guys, as we know that East Vs West 10 has happened last night, and the suspense is over now. there were so many big matches happened at the event. Main event of it was Devon Vs Levan, and surprisingly match didn’t go according to the fans. As fans were expecting Devon to give Levan … Read more

I Don’t Need Best Shape to Devon Says Levan

Hello arm Wrestling fans, as we know that East Vs West 12 is going to happen on April 20. This is going to be one of the most historical match in the history of arm wrestling fans. Devon looks confident to beat Levan. But we cannot understimate Levan any cost, he was unbeatable before the … Read more

Devon Larratt Vs Levan Saginashvili At East Vs West 12

Hello arm wrestling fans, as we know that we are few days away from East vs West 12. Devon Vs Levan is the biggest match of the event, as it is kind of revenge match for Devon. Devon lost to Levan two years ago and this is the chance for Devon to prove himself. Devon … Read more