Devon Larratt Vs. Gennady Kvikvinia: A Rematch in Doubt?

Everyone in arm wrestling is buzzing about the epic match between Devon Larratt and Gennady Kvikvinia! But the first time they faced off, people argued a lot about a call the ref made. This video talks about why the match was awesome, and if there will ever be a rematch that everyone wants to see.

Devon Vs Genadi
Devon Vs Genadi

A Match Like No Other

Remember that first supermatch between Larratt and Kvikvinia? Sure, people argued about the referee’s call, but the match itself was incredible! Here’s why:

  • Close Fight: It wasn’t a blowout! Both guys went back and forth, showing amazing skills and never giving up.
  • Surprise Moves: They both did things they don’t normally do, forcing each other to change their plans on the fly. This kept everyone guessing!
  • Pure Willpower: This wasn’t just about strength. Both Larratt and Kvikvinia were super tough and wouldn’t quit, no matter what.
  • A Questionable Call: The ref’s decision in the first round caused a big debate, making the match even more interesting.
  • Unfinished Business: The ending left everyone wondering who really won, making a rematch super exciting!

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Will They Have A Rematch?

Everyone wants to see a rematch, but let’s know: will it ever happen? Here’s why it might not:

  • Larratt’s Weight Class Shift:: Devon Larratt might move to a different weight class. This could be good for him, but it would delay a rematch with Kvikvinia. By the time Larratt finishes competing in the new weight class, he might be older and not as strong, making it harder to beat Kvikvinia who keeps getting better.
  • The Rise of Other Contenders: Arm wrestling is always changing, with new stars emerging. While Kvikvinia is still amazing, other strong guys might want to fight Larratt, making a rematch less likely.

Another Shot at the Top?

The article doesn’t just talk about why there might not be a rematch, it also suggests a different way for Larratt to become number one again:

  • Upset Alert: Levan Saginashvili is the current arm wrestling champion, but a rising star named Ermis Gasparini might beat him! If Gasparini wins, it would shake things up.
  • Larratt vs. The New Champ: If Saginashvili loses, Larratt could challenge Gasparini, the new number one, for the top spot. This would be another exciting chance for Larratt to be the champ again!


The first Larratt vs. Kvikvinia match was a big deal for arm wrestling. We don’t know for sure if they’ll rematch, but Larratt’s journey to the top isn’t over. The video suggests a new way for him to become number one. The future of arm wrestling is exciting, and everyone is waiting to see what happens next with Devon Larratt and Gennady Kvikvinia!

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