Why Devon Lost to Levan So Badly?

Hello Arm Westling fans, as we know East Vs West 12 happened on 20 April, and there were so many great matches happened at the event.

Devon Vs Levan was the biggest match of the event. Although fans thought it would be a war, the match went one-sided, as Levan completely destroyed Devon.

Devon was not even able to get a single pin. Although on round 1, he stopped Levan for a while, but Levan managed to pin even after that stop.

Reasons Behind Devon’s Loss

Devon is the current number 2 guy in the world, and even though he can beat most of the guys out there in arm wrestling, he has continuously proved that he can beat most of the arm wrestlers. Levan is totally different athlete.

The reason why Devon couldn’t do anything against Levan is that Levan is too strong, and has every tool to defeat Devon, as most of the people thought he couldn’t press Devon, but in round 1 he was able to do that.

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After round 1, it was easy for Levan to beat Devon, as Devon got exhausted completely in round 1. And if Devon didn’t stretch his arms completely in round 1, then there could be a chance for him to do better in the next rounds.

But Devon was stronger than in his previous match against Levan, as he was able to hold Levan for a while this time, but the strength gap between these two is so big.

These could be some reasons for Devon’s loss against Levan.

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