John Breznk Predicts Denis Vs Ermes Match

Hello arm wrestling fans, how are you doing? In this article, we are gonna talk about John Breznk’s prediction on Denis Cyplenkov Vs Ermes Gasparini’s match. Denis Vs Ermes is going to happen at King of the Table on June 1. After Denis’s loss against Devon, people think Denis will easily be beaten by Ermes.

Basically, people think Denis has no chance against Ermes, but John thinks differently. During a podcast on Engin’s channel when he asked about his views on the Denis Vs Ermes match, John said it would not be an easy match for both of them, it would be a war. Anyone can win this match. Denis has strong biceps, and strong pronation, and ermes has good side pressure.

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So the match can go in anybody’s favor. When Engin asked John some people think Denis would lose badly, so John smiled and said defeating Denis would not be easy for Ermes, he would have to work through his biceps to beat him.

What do you guys think about who has more chance of winning this match?

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