Ermes In Big Trouble: Denis Is Getting Bigger

Hello arm wrestling fans, since Denis made his comeback to the arm wrestling world fans always want him to compete frequently. King of the Table 11 is going to happen on June 1. Denis Cyplenkov has a match against Ermes Gasparini at that event.

Denis is Looking Massive

As Ermes Gasparini is one of the top athletes in arm wrestling at present, so people are giving him more edge on this match and underestimating Denis. The main reason behind this is Denis’s loss against Devon, but fans do not see Devon beat Ermes more easily and faster than Denis. Denis gave a tough fight to Devon at East Vs West 10.

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Denis is Looking Massive

Now after his loss against Devon, Denis is more serious about this match, he doesn’t want to lose this match. He is giving his all to this match and he is training continuously. Although Denis’ team is not uploading videos related to his training and sparring, but some other YouTube channels like Body Mania are uploading videos. In those videos, we can clearly see Denis’s growth.

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