Levan Gives His Prediction On Ermes Vs Denis Match

Hello guys, as we know Levan beat Devon very badly once again in their rematch. The result was the same as before. Now Levan is officially the number one guy on the right arm. It also shows that no one is near his level for now. Many predicted Devon Vs Levan as 50-50, but the match went one-sided.

Levan Gives His Prediction On Ermes Vs Denis Match
Levan Gives His Prediction On Ermes Vs Denis Match

Although Levan when asked about his match, he always said it would be the same as before. And it went the same. Now it is very hard to find him the opponent.

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But Levan clearly said he wants to face the winner of the Ermes Vs Denis match. Ermes Vs Denis is one of the interesting matches of the king of Table 11. As Denis is getting stronger for this match, according to Levan Denis would be more serious for this match.

Levan said after the loss against Devon, Denis would be more hungry and angry to win. So he will be more prepared for this match.

As we know Denis took Devon lightly which is why he didn’t prepare properly for him, but now he is more prepared for the match. Levan thinks Denis has a chance against Ermes, as Denis’ static strength is incredible. But according to him, Ermes is more favorite in this match.

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