Denis Has No Chance Against Ermes With This Shape

Hello guys, in today’s post, we are gonna share with you the update regarding Denis Cyplenkov’s shape. Denis is going to face Ermes Gasparini at King of the Table on June 1. This is going to be the biggest match of the event. Denis’ fans always want him to compete more often.

Denis Has No Chance Against Ermes With This Shape

As Arm Olymp YouTube channel has uploaded videos where Denis is sparring with Arm wrestlers, but we didn’t see any impressive progress from Denis. Even he is facing difficulty in pinning his opponents.

Fee weeks are left for the king of the table event, and he has not progressed that much. So things might be bad for Denis as Ermes is so dangerous arm wrestler who has so much technique. If Denis doesn’t come in good shape against Ermes, then Ermes is gonna destroy him completely, and even more easier than Devon Larratt.

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But if they are manipulating the audience and uploading old videos, then things might go opposite. It may be possible Denis is strong, but they are showing it for the opponent so that he will take him lightly.

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