Reasons Behind Denis Cyplenkov Loss At East Vs West 10 Against Devon Larratt

If you are an arm wrestling fan, then you must know arm wrestling legend Denis Cyplenkov. As we know Denis Cyplenkov was out of the game for almost 5 years. And he made his return to arm wrestling at King of the Table against GOAT John Breznk. And he was successful in winning the match with 6-0.

Why Denis Lost to Devon
Why Denis Lost to Devon

Denis Cyplenkov Vs Devon Larratt at East Vs West 10

As we know it was Denis’s second match after his return to the table. Although Denis lost to Devon. Devon was successful in winning this match with 3 pins. But it was not an easy win for Devon Larratt, as Devon himself said that he had to blast Denis’s arm 25 times to get him tired. So even in this form, Denis is still a worthy opponent for most of the top athletes.

Even we can say that Denis if continues to train, will be at the top again like he was in the past.

Why Denis Lost to Devon

As we know Denis has changed his arm wrestling style, and is more defensive now, so Larratt took full advantage of that and tired him with the continuous 25 surges that make him tire.

Denis himself admitted that he should have given Devon center during the match, and should have been more explosive like David Dadikyan. we can also see that Denis lacks side pressure, as during the match we never saw him going offensive. He was basically holding his hands all the time.

Another reason could be his low hand grip that gave Devon more advantage to take full control of his hands and helped him to top roll him.

What is Next for Denis Cyplenkov

Although Denis lost to Devon, still he proved that he is in good condition and could still give problems to many top athletes.

As we watch the post-match interview, Denis is aware of his weaknesses and wants to improve those weaknesses. He looks comfortable sharing all his thoughts. So he is gonna continue his training.

And when he was asked by Neil Pickuup after his future matches, he said whatever organizer offers me I will go with that. Denis fans should not be sad as Denis will keep competing in the future.

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