Alex Kurdecha Vs Artyom Morozov at East Vs West 11

It is so exciting news that Artyom Morozov is gonna compete against Alex Kurdech at East Vs West 11. As we know Morozov has not competed since he lost to Georgi Tsvetkov. Although we know that Morozov was not fit then because of stomach issues.

But now finally Morozov is going to face Alex Kurdecha at East Vs West for left hand supermatch and it’s gonna be a title match. Alex Kurdecha is also returning to the table after a long time. So it would be interesting to watch them arm wrestle.

Alex Kurdecha is an amazing top roller, so it would interesting to see them competing as they both have been out of the game, so would be hard to predict who is gonna dominate the match.


Watch ALex Kurdecha & Artyom Morozov East vs West 11 Podcast

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