Devon Larratt Vs Levan Saginashvili at East Vs West 12

Hey arm wrestling fans, it’s good news for you as Levan is fit now, as his wrist issue has gone. So he started his training, so Devon will have a rematch with Levan Saginashvili at East Vs West 12 which is going to happen in April. It will be interesting to watch them compete once again.

In Levan’s absence, Devon has reached at peak now. The only match he lost after losing to Levan was against Genadi and after that, he never looked back. He continuously leveled up and defeated everyone he competed against.

Everyone was shocked when he dominantly defeated Ermes Gasparini. Ermes even was not able to get a single pin against Devon.

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Devon Vs Denis at East Vs West 12

Although Devon defeated Denis with 3-0, but it was not easy for him. Denis performed quite better than Ermes. Devon had to work hard to pin Denis, as Denis was able to hold Devon for a quite long time. Devon had to apply 25 surges to pin Denis.

Even though Denis has not achieved his prime form, he still has a chance to beat the top athletes because he has strong static strength. However, he needs to improve his weaknesses as he does not have side pressure. As we know Denis has changed his style, as in 2018 he was a different arm wrestler, but now he is more defensive.

So if he keeps working on his weaknesses he can again reach to the top.

Devon Vs Levan Rematch

It would not be shocking if Devon beats Levan in a rematch, as Devon has leveled up so much. Each time he has a match he becomes stronger than before every time. So there is a high possibility that he can beat Levan.

But we can’t say anything as Levan has started his training and already discussed with Engin that his wrist feels ok, and there is no more pain. So Levan has four months, so he can reach his previous form and can beat Devon too.

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