Hardest Match of Denis Cyplenkov’s Armwrestling Career

Denis Cyplenkov is considered as one of the strongest arm wrestlers who stepped on the arm wrestling table. During his prime, he was unbeatable. He was so dominant in his left hand.

He beat Devon Larratt in 2018, so dominant fashion and he had no problems in pinning him all six rounds.

Hardest Match of Denis Cyplenkov’s Career

Denis himself said many times that it was Richard Lupkes who gave him so much problems on the table, but in the end, he won that match. He was also tired in that match because he faced so many strong opponents before he faced Richard Lupkes.

As we said Denis himself admitted that Richard Lupkes’s match was his hardest match ever. So that means Richard Lupkes is also the strongest arm wrestler. Richard Lupkes was even older then when he faced Denis Cyplenkov which truly shows how strong was Lupkes at that age too.

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Why does Denis Arm Wrestle so Less

if you don’t know Denis had a major health issue back in 2018 when he was lifting heavy weights. Because of that, he was out of the game for almost 5 years and now he returned to the table after 5 years against John Breznk and made his return successful after beating with 6-0.

Due to this health issue, he can’t lift the heavy weight that he used to lift in his prime, that is one of the reasons he doesn’t train that much.

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But After the match at East Vs West 10, he said on Arm Olymp Channel that he needs to fix his shoulder and hip issues and whatever the doctor suggest him he would go with that. And once everything is ok, then he will start training again.

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Denis Cyplenkov Matches in Future

If Denis resolves all his health issues we can see Denis Cyplenkov matches in the future. As Denis is not lifting heavy weights he used to lift when he was healthy. But he says he has given commitment so he willhave a match in May.

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