Denis Cyplenkov Gives Update About His Health

As we know Denis has been facing problems with his hip and shoulder. Arm Olymp uploaded videos on YouTube regarding Denis’ health. Denis shared his latest report about his health problems.

Denis said his upper body feels okay and it can be resolved easily but he has problems in his lower body, as he not only consulted a single doctor but has consulted multiple doctors and they suggest hip replacement.

He further said he would not be in any hurry in this matter, as he wants to take advice from a different doctor, then he will go for any further conclusion.

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He said he will continue training his upper body as he feels good in his upper body after the Devon match so he will not stop training his upper body. Taking some injections will fix his upper body he says. His right arm is okay, but his left shoulder has some problems but it will get fixed.

Watch the Video on Denis’s Health Update

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