Vitaly Laletin Vs Devon Larratt Match

Vitaly Laletin Vs Devon Larratt match would be an interesting match for arm wrestling fans, as both are tall arm wrestlers. They both are amazing top rollers. As Devon also wants a match with Vitaly.

Vitaly Laletin Vs Devon Larratt
Vitaly Laletin Vs Devon Larratt

Devon wants a right-handed match with Vitaly and he said if Vitaly wins against Ermes Gasparini at King of the Table 9, then he will face him next, as we know that Vitaly has lost to Ermes at King of the Table. Although it was not an easy match for Ermes we can say that Vitaly is a tough opponent for any top arm wrestler.

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Will Devon Larratt Face Vitaly Laletin in the Future

As for now, Devon has said nothing about his future match with Vitaly. Devon is gonna face Levan for now at East vs. West 12 which is going to happen in April. It is an important match for Devon. Devon has said it many times he wants to beat Levan, then he will be officially number one in the world.

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