Denis Cyplenkov Wiki Details: Age, Height, Weight and More

Denis Cyplenkov was born on 10 March 1982. And as per this Denis is 41 years old. Denis is one of the strongest arm wrestlers in the history of arm wrestling. He was so dominant arm wrestler at his time. In his left hand, he was unbeatable till the time he arm-wrestled before his injury.

Denis Cyplenkov Age
Denis Cyplenkov Age

Now he is not that active in arm wrestling because of his health issues. He faced health issues in 2018 when he lifted heavy weights. He was out of the game for almost 5 years. He made his return in 2023 in King of the Table and competed against John Breznk and won that match.

Denis Cyplenkov Wiki Details

Now let’s dive into Denis’s inside details about his height, age, weight, and forearm size.

Age41 years
Height186 cm
Weight144 Kg
Forearm Size 48 cm
Bicep Size63 cm
These details are as per his prime shape while his current details are different. We will talk about his current details later in this article. To know Denis’ current bicep size and forearm size, keep reading the article.

Denis Cyplenkov Current Details

These details are as per his last match with Devon Larratt at East Vs West 10.

Height186 cm
Weight144 Kg
Forearm Size45 cm
Bicep Size54 cm

Denis Cyplekov’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Denis Cyplenkov’s net worth is $1.53 million

Denis Cyplenkov’s Strict Curl World Record

Denis Cyplenkov made a strict curl world record in 2015 with a weight of 115 kg. On August 28, 2021, Leroy Walker broke the strict curl world record by lifting 114 kg. This weight was 1 kg more than the old record. But Denis didn’t agree with the new record because Leroy used a bar with a narrower grip.

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