David Dadikyan Vs Todd Hutchings-East Vs West 11 Match

As we know David Dadikyan is one of the fastest arm wrestlers in arm wrestling history who has immense speed. His dominant hand is left, but he injured his hand in a match with Evgeny Prdunik. Now he can’t compete with his left hand.

David Dadikyan Vs Todd Hutching Right Hand Match

David Dadikyan is going to face Todd Hutchings for the 105kg Right Arm World Title Match at East Vs West 11. As we know Todd Hutchings won the 105 kg right Arm World Title match at East Vs west 10 against Krydgali Ongarbaev. We were surprised by Todd’s performance, as at this age Todd is so powerful.

As we know David’s dominant hand is left, but he showed an amazing performance against Irakli in the same event and shocked everyone by winning so dominantly.

Let’s see who wins this match at East Vs West 11.

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