Denis Cyplenkov Vs Levan Saginashvili Match

Denis Vs Levan would be the greatest arm wrestling match of the arm wrestling as both are considered the strongest arm wrestlers. Denis Cyplenkov used to be the strongest arm wrestler of his time. Levan Saginashvili is the current strongest arm wrestler and number one arm wrestler at the current time.

Levan has always shown interest in pulling Denis Cyplenkov’s right hand. As we know Denis was out of the arm wrestling table for almost 5 years. In 2018 when he lifted heavy weights, he was injured and the doctor suggested him to take rest and avoid lifting weights.

So Denis stopped training for a long time, and he made his return to arm wrestling against GOAT John Breznk and was successful in winning the match. And last month he pulled Devon Larratt and lost to him. We know that Denis is not the same as he used to be in his prime. He doesn’t lift that much heavy weight. He himself admitted so many times that he doesn’t lift heavy now because of his shoulder and hip issues.

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Denis Vs Levan Match

Denis also wants a match with Levan, and he said many times he wants to do everything step by step. So he chose Devon his first opponent although he failed to beat him. But he shows still he is still a tough opponent for many top guys.

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Let’s talk about Denis Vs Levan’s future match. Levan also before the Devon Vs Denis match that the winner of this match would be his next opponent. He further said irrespective of the result he wants to pull Denis.

So as of now, there is no possibility of Denis Vs Levan. But in the future, we can see this match. As Levan also said that he wants to pull better Denis, as current Denis is not that good according to him. Denis also said he would start training if everything was alright and the doctor suggests him he can train further.

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