Can Denis Cyplenkov Beat levan Saginashvili

Hello guys, if you are an arm wrestling fan, then you must know Denis Cyplenkov and Levan Saginashvili, as they are one of the strongest arm wrestlers in the history of arm wrestling.

As we know Denis has returned to arm wrestling after 5 years and since then he has competed in only 2 matches that is against John Breznk and Devon Larratt. Although he was successful in beating John Breznk he was unsuccessful against Devon Larratt.

As we know current Denis is different from his prime shape, as Denis in his prime was huge and strong, now Denis is not that heavy and strong as compared to his prime shape. But he did quite better against Devon Larratt if we compared it to Ermes Gasparini.

Can Denis Beat Levan

Now let’s talk about Denis Vs Levan, as of now Denis is not that strong as compared to his prime, so it would be difficult to predict Denis to win against Levan, as Denis has competed in only 2 matches.

If Denis continues to train and compete more often against top guys, then it would be possible for him to do well against Levan.

He has some health issues to so first he needs get resolve all those issues if he wants to train heavily as he used to do in his prime.

What do you guys think of Denis, Can Denis beat Levan with his current shape or does he need at least one year to reach his best?

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