Levan’s Plan For Devon Match

Hello guys, Levan Vs Devon is going to be one of the biggest events in April 2024 at East vs West 12. Devon has also progressed a lot since the time they faced each other. This time Devon can give Levan a hard time in the match.

Devon has been progressing so much every time he faces a new opponent. Devon has competed in 13 supermatches this year. In every super match, we see him evolve significantly. This time Devon is more prepared than his previous match against Levan.

What Levan Thinks Of Devon

When Levan was asked about Devon’s progress on Engin’s podcast, he said yes he has progressed but not that much, as he already beat John Breznk and Michael Todd before he faced him at the king of the table.

So he may be a bit stronger but has not progressed a lot. So actually Levan thinks Devon is not that tough now.

But Levan is not underestimating him, as he thinks he needs to work on every angle to beat Devon.

What is Levan’s Plan For Devon

Levan said he is ready for everything, he is ready for a long match. I am not saying at all I will pin in one second in every round. Levan said he would work in every angle and I would be twice as strong as Devon in every angle.

We see Levan training legs too, so Levan is not skipping anything for this match. He wants to be 100 % in everything.

What do you guys think of this match, who will win this match?

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