Who Defeated Devon Larratt in 2023

Hey arm wrestling fans, how you doin’? In this article, we are going to talk about Devon Larratt. If you don’t know who defeated Devon Larratt in 2023, then keep reading this article to know about Devon Larratt Defeat. So let’s dive in.

Devon Larratt Losses in 2023

Devon Larratt had only a single loss in 2023 and that was against Genadi Kvikvinia at East Vs West 7. After that, He didn’t lose any match which proves that Devon is a hardworking athlete as he learns from his mistakes.

Every time he fights, he gets better than before and much stronger we can see, that when he competed against Genadi he was not that good but after that, he has totally achieved a different level. Now he is a different athlete. Last year he lost to Levan now he is ready to face Levan for a rematch.

That shows, that Devon is quite strong now, His performance against Denis was incredible at East vs. West 10. Although we know Denis is not in the best shape as compared to 2018. Still, he got his revenge in 2018. However, Denis did total dominance in 2018, as Devon was not able to move his hands at all when they competed in his left hand.

So he lost only one match to Genadi in 2023.

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