Morozov and Kurdecha Predict Devon Vs Levan Match

On Engin’s podcast when Engin asked Morozov who is going to win in the Devon Vs Levan match, he replied he doesn’t know but in the future, the belt is gonna come to me.

When Engin asked the same question to Alex Kurdecha, he said I like Morozov’s answer, he doesn’t know but yes in the future neither Devon nor Levan gonna have this belt. But another person will have this belt.

But later on, they both answer the question. Morozov said although Levan is slightly favorite in this match, he has to work differently, he needs to focus on cardio. If Levan comes in the same shape as he was against Ermes Gasparini, then he will surely gonna lose the match.

Alex Kurdecha said the same Levan has to work differently, if he wants to win this match. As Devon has totally changed now, and become much stronger than before. So Levan has to come in a different shape this time.

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