Is Devon Larratt Number one in the world

Hey arm wrestling fan, do you have a question in mind whether Devon Larratt is number one in the world? The answer is yes, as he has defeated every top guy in the world so far. His only loss is against Genadi and Levan. In the absence of Levan, it is possible to call him number one in the world.

Devon Larratt vs Genadi Kvikvinia

We know that Devon lost to Genadi, but it was a close match not an easy win for Genadi. So his only loss was against Geandi so far. So after this match, he leveled him up so much, and every match he became stronger and even better than the previous fight.

Devon Vs Levan Rematch at East vs West 12

As Devon is going to face Levan once again for a rematch in April 2024 at East Vs West 12, and if Devon can win that fight, then will officially be number one in the world. But in the absence of Levan, Devon Larratt is the number one.

Let’s wait for East Vs West 12, and we will come to know about all this.

Levan has also started training and he is looking better than he was at East Vs West 10. And it’s almost four months since their match. And if Levan gets to his peak form, then it’s gonna be difficult for Devon Larratt.

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