Denis Cyplenkov to Arm Wrestle in AMC Tournament

Hello arm-wrestling fans, how are you doing? In this article, we will share the latest arm wrestling update related to Denis Cypleknov.

As you know AMC tournament 6 has happened, and we see Denis Cyplenkov there enjoying the tournament.

Vitaly did quite well in the tournament and dominated the tournament in two categories, and earned $21000 combined in the tournament.

But Vitaly Laletin is not gonna compete in the AMC tournament anymore, as he has signed for East Vs West for 3 years. So Vitaly will not be competing in the AMC as of now.

Now let’s talk about Denis Cyplenkov, we saw Denis holding the belt at the event and saying I want this type of belt, so it shows he is willing to compete in the tournament.

Although we know that Denis is not interested in tournaments, he is more interested in super-match format, but during the event, he showed his desire to get this type of belt.

So what do you guys think, will he compete in the AMC or not, Let me know in the comments.

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