Devon Larratt: Height, Weight, Net Worth, and More

Devon Larratt is one of the biggest names in the arm wrestling sports. He is one of the greatest right-hand super heavyweight arm wrestlers. He is considered as one of the most consistent arm wrestlers in the history of arm wrestling because of his dedication to the sport. If you want to know Devon Larratt’s height, age, weight, net worth, and more, then keep reading this article to learn in-depth details about him.

Devon Larratt Wiki Details

Devon Larratt Age
Devon Larratt Age

Date of BirthApril 24, 1975
Age48 Years
NicknameNo Limits
Weight115 Kg
Height196 cm
Biceps Size47cm
Forearms Size38 cm
Wrist Size22 cm
Net WorthApproximately $5-10 million

The Man Behind the Muscles

Devon Larratt Quick Bio:

  • Age: Devon Larratt is 48 years old, even at this age he is the current number one arm wrestler in the world, he has been dominating young top athletes in arm wrestling which shows the perfection of Devon Larratt towards the sport.
  • Height: Towering over most mortals at an impressive 6′ 5″, he could probably high-five a pterodactyl (though we wouldn’t recommend it).
  • Weight: Solid as a brick wall, but hopefully more fun to hang out with, weighing in at around 115 Kg. This number fluctuates depending on his recent arm wrestling conquests and celebratory cake intake (we all have weaknesses!).
Devon Larratt Wife
Devon Larratt Wife
  • Wife: Jody Larratt is the wife of Devon Larratt, she is so supportive, Devon even always mentions her dedication towards him.
  • Place of Birth: He hails from the land of maple syrup and hockey sticks, also known as Canada.
  • Life Experiences: From humble beginnings in Victoria, British Columbia, to becoming a renowned arm wrestler and content creator, his journey is more exciting than a WWE smackdown. Expect tales of epic training montages, legendary victories (including defeating guys twice his size!), and maybe even a run-in with a rogue squirrel (don’t underestimate the squirrels!).
  • Education: Let’s be honest, the school of hard knocks and arm wrestling rings probably taught him more than any textbook. But he did serve with Canada’s elite Joint Task Force 2 for 16 years, proving his dedication and discipline.

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Devon Larratt’s Net Worth:

  • Estimated value: Devon Larratt’s net worth is around  $5-10 million, but remember, net worth figures are like arm wrestling matches, constantly in flux.
  • Sources of wealth: Bending arms for cash (with prize money reaching up to six figures!), gracing YouTube with his awesomeness (his channel boasts over 800,000 subscribers!), and having sponsors who love a strong dude with a winning smile. Think protein powder, arm wrestling equipment, and maybe even a cameo in a Viking movie (because who wouldn’t want to see that?).
  • Comparison to other arm wrestlers: Let’s just say he’s in the heavyweight division of net worth, arm-to-arm with other champions like Levan Saginashvili and Ermes Gasparini, but with his own unique financial flair. Think of it as a friendly competition of bank accounts, not biceps.

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Devon Larratt’s Personal Life:

  • Relationship status: Is his heart as strong as his arm? That’s top-secret information, but we can confirm he has a son named Auden. Who knows, maybe Cupid will throw him a winning match someday! For now, let’s focus on his love for arm wrestling and adorable puppies (because who doesn’t love puppies?).
  • Hobbies: When he’s not crushing tables, he might be found… crushing… weights. Okay, probably also enjoy other things like hiking in the Canadian wilderness, playing video games, or maybe even relaxing with a good book. Who knows, maybe he’s secretly a poet!
  • Interests beyond arm wrestling: This multi-faceted Titan has more to him than just muscles. He’s a history buff, a movie aficionado, and a passionate advocate for promoting arm wrestling and inspiring others to reach their full potential.

Devon Larratt’s Arm Wrestling Journey

Devon Larrat on Arm Wrestling:

From Beginner to Beast:

Devon Larratt wasn’t born a champion. His arm wrestling journey, like many others, began at a casual table with friends. What sparked his passion? Was it the competitive fire, the desire to push his limits, or simply the satisfaction of mastering a unique skill? Whatever the reason, Devon quickly found himself hooked.

Victories and Rivals:

His dedication translated into results. Larratt climbed the ranks, securing countless wins and prestigious titles. From dominating national championships to conquering international tournaments, he established himself as a force to be reckoned with. Legendary battles against titans like Michael Todd and Ermes Gaspar became epic clashes etched in arm wrestling history.

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Devon Larrat’s Arm Wrestling Training Principles:

Rising Strength: A New Dawn:

But Devon, never content with just winning, craved a deeper understanding of the sport, a personal philosophy that transcended mere technique. This quest led him to develop “Rising Strength,” a training system that breaks from traditional methods.

Beyond the Bicep:

So, how does Rising Strength differ? Unlike traditional arm wrestling training, which often focuses on isolated exercises to build specific muscle groups, Rising Strength takes a holistic approach. It emphasizes:

  • Full-body activation: Engaging your entire body, not just your arms, creates a more coordinated and powerful force. Think of dynamic movements like jumps, throws, and carries that mimic real-world scenarios, not bicep curls in isolation.
  • Mobility and flexibility: Imagine being restricted by tight muscles. Rising Strength prioritizes dynamic stretches and mobility drills to unlock your full range of motion, allowing for smoother technique and injury prevention.
  • Core strength: Your core is the powerhouse, connecting your upper and lower body. Rising Strength incorporates core-centric exercises like planks, anti-rotational movements, and carries to create a stable and explosive foundation for your arm wrestling.

More Than Just Muscle – The Inner Strength of Devon Larratt

Internal Strength in Arm Wrestling:

Mental strength and focus are key factors for victory. Devon Larratt, the Titan himself, emphasizes the importance of:

  • Staying calm under pressure: Imagine the roar of the crowd, the tension in the air, and the weight of expectation. Larratt believes in controlling his emotions, channeling nervous energy into focus and determination.
  • Visualization: Picturing success, feeling the power flow through his arm, and anticipating his opponent’s moves – these are mental tools Larratt uses to pre-program his mind for victory.
  • Self-belief: Doubt is the enemy. Larratt cultivates unwavering confidence in his abilities, knowing that mental fortitude can tip the scales in even the closest matches.

Eating Habits and Improved Strength:

Devon fuels his body like a finely tuned machine. He emphasizes:

  • Whole, unprocessed foods: Think lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats for sustained energy and optimal performance.
  • Portion control: It’s not about stuffing his face, but about eating smart to nourish his muscles without sacrificing agility and speed.
  • Hydration: Staying adequately hydrated is key for muscle recovery and peak performance. Larratt prioritizes water over sugary drinks.


So, what do you think? Pretty cool, right? Devon Larratt’s journey is like a real-life superhero story, showing that age ain’t nothing but a number. He’s proof that hard work, dedication, and a sprinkle of Canadian awesomeness can take you anywhere!

Whether you’re into arm wrestling or just a fan of seeing people achieve amazing things, I hope this peek into Devon’s world left you feeling pumped and maybe even a little entertained.

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