Can Levan Beat Devon Without Endurance? His Secret Weapon Revealed

When this bodybuilder asked Levan who his most difficult-to-beat opponent was throughout his career, Levan didn’t say Ermes Gasparini or Devon Larratt. Hello, arm wrestling fans, In today’s article, we’ll look at East versus West 12 updates.

YouTube Channel Crackdown 

Then YouTube laid the smackdown on a couple of channels. Finally, Levan Saginashvili’s comeback update, including his forearm size, wrist size, his current weight, and who he thinks the most difficult opponent for him was.

East Vs West 12 Updates

A few days ago, this question was posted on the arm wrestling Engin group: “Okay guys, who are your three athletes who you want to see on East versus West that haven’t been on there yet?” Surprisingly, Engin himself answered this question: “Arsen Arsen Liliev, Pedro Marinho, and Leonidas Arkona.” So Engin also posted this a few days ago: “Someone dangerous from the Caucasian region started to train his pronator to make a strong comeback.” 

Rankings Controversies

So it’s quite clear that Arsen Liliev, Pedrov, and Leonidas, of three, are going to compete at East versus West 12. Arkona’s opponent is BRAD GRUNDY, as already announced by Engin Terzi. And Pedro is most likely going to face Todd Hutchings because Engin has been talking about that match for almost a year now. And Leonidas Arkona is going to face a schoolboy at the same event.

Levan’s Comeback Preparation

In a previous article, I shared with you  Paul Italia’s comment about Jerry competing at East versus West 12. We kind of speculated that the opponent could be Artyom Morozov. Engin clarified in his latest livestream that Jerry will not be competing at East versus West 12. 

Levan comeback
Levan comeback

He said there is going to be a super heavyweight match at the same event, and the winner of that match is going to face Jerry in the July East versus West event. So that will be kind of a qualifying match to face Jerry. Big Daddy Cadorette! Who are these two arm wrestlers?

 This is something that Engin hasn’t clarified or announced yet. Maybe he’s waiting for King of the Table 10 to finish and then we’ll get to know.

So Engin also posted the East versus West super heavyweight rankings and as usual wherever there are rankings, there are some controversies. Please take a look at this photo and the entire rankings card. So Engin answered these questions: “How come Jerry is number three?” 

Maybe that’s because, until his last match, he was the champion, beating Gennadi and Soin. Doesn’t really have any other option but to rank Genadi Kvikvinia really highly. 

He cannot go by who can potentially beat Jerry. He just goes by the results that have already been proven. And this was Engin’s strategy for the most part. He only used to pay attention to the results. But lately, he also started involving some feelings and his own calculations in the rankings. And that’s why things have started going more controversial. “Where is Kamil in the top 10 left?”

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“Why would Kamil be ranked top 10?” “Because he never pulled a single match at East versus West lefty.” So that’s the reason why he isn’t ranked. But that’s kind of confusing. Engin is saying that Reno beat Kamil, who lost to Matenko.

But the reality is that Kamil is the one who has the last victory over Reno. If we go by who beat who, then I think the latest victory should count more. “Where is Devon in left-handed rankings?” “Because he has not pulled.” So that makes sense. 

The only argument that can be accepted is Denis Cyplenkov’s rankings. There were many questions: “How can Denis be ranked so high?” Well, it is not really that high. He’s at number six. 

But he hasn’t won a single match yet. The reason that Engin is giving is that he gave Devon a much tougher match than Ermis Gasparini and some other opponents. Well, that’s kind of a weird way to look at the rankings, but rankings are impossible to do even with as many super matches as Engin is providing us.

He is kind of helpless. He has to show 10 guys on the rankings. And doing them in the absolutely correct manner without offending anyone is absolutely impossible.

Artem Taynov posted this on Facebook just a few hours ago: “As of yesterday, YouTube has removed my channel completely. The catalog, the access to other channels I worked with, premium access, etc., is gone.

 As crushed as I am, I’m excited for the new beginnings.” So this is what YouTube said: “We reviewed your channel carefully and we have confirmed that it violates our harmful and dangerous policy.” So it looks like he isn’t getting his channel anytime back soon. 

And there was one more channel, the Concrete Elbow Channel. His monetization was also removed by YouTube.

And finally, we have Levan Saginashvili doing a heavy back workout in his preparation for the Devon Larett match. His wrist size was 28 CM, forearm was 53 CM, almost 21 inches. That is already insane. And Levan’s body weight is 180 kilos. Well, some people are saying that Levan should lose weight, he should work on endurance more to prepare for this Devon match. I do not agree. 

Based on Levan’s weight, he also doesn’t seem to be very much interested in losing weight and gaining more endurance because I believe the only way Levan is going to match Devon’s endurance is by being so strong that endurance doesn’t even matter in the first place. If he decides to get in an endurance stamina battle, it is going to end badly for Levan.

 In this video, he even broke the East versus West strap while training with Sandro. He was handling Sandro even on the left arm pretty comfortably. And Sandro is someone who was able to take Sandas Chad’s wrist at Wav. 

He didn’t beat him, but he was able to top-roll his wrist. That kind of shows the level that Levan is at, even with his left arm, even without training it too much. And that’s why Engin was recently saying that Levan, even at 90% of his left, can still be very close to the number one guy in the world. Levan even looked a little bit concerned because, at that time when he was doing that workout, Devon had pneumonia. 

Levan’s Leg Training

He even talked with Devon and shared the screenshots. He wants to beat the best version of Devon Larratt that ever existed, just like he did back in 2022. In another video, Levan did a leg workout. Well, some experts say that if you want to build an overall greater foundation for strength, and a great physique to be able to get stronger, you need to train your legs as well. While this isn’t applicable to the guys who are competing in a limited weight category in arm wrestling, it is for sure beneficial for the guys who are in the Super heavyweights.

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 If somehow they’re able to find some time to train their legs maybe this can get Levan even stronger, as this guy was explaining in the video. And maybe we are going to see a completely different version of Levan Saginashvili. Levan was asked who was his toughest to-beat opponent throughout his entire career, and I was expecting Levan to name Ermes Gasparini because he was the only one who kind of stopped Levan in a couple of rounds. Well, Levan said it was genadi kvikvinia. 

So he went back before the age of these super matches. Levan said that they were the two who were battling it out for the title, and they weren’t much concerned about any others in their weight category because these two were ahead of everyone else. And that’s how they increased each other’s level. At that time, both of these Legends got injured in 2023,…but luckily, both have recovered since then and continue to inspire in the arm wrestling community.


The arm wrestling scene is buzzing with updates and controversies, from East versus West matchups to rankings disputes and YouTube channel removals. Levan Saginashvili’s comeback preparations are also generating excitement, with his focus on strength and potential matchups with Devon Larratt. As the community eagerly awaits upcoming events and developments, the anticipation for epic battles and surprising outcomes remains high.

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