Ermes Gasparini Analyzes Denis Cyplenkov: A Battle of Strength and Strategy

As we know Ermes has always wanted to compete with Denis Cyplenkov, and who would not want to pull this legend, as Denis was one of the dominant arm wrestlers in his prime times. And Denis is still capable of giving tough fights to a lot of top guys in arm wrestling.

In this article, we are going to share with you Ermes’ views on Denis Cyplenkov, and what are his chances against him.

Let’s dive in.

Ermes Vs Denis

Ermes Gasparini shared his thoughts on his upcoming opponent Denis Cyplenkov and commented that he doesn’t understand why some people doubt Denis’s strength nowadays just because he lost to Devon.

Ermes Gasparini Vs Denis Cyplenkov
Ermes Gasparini Vs Denis Cyplenkov

I don’t understand the people every time. Now, Denis, he lost one time with Devon, and now… Listen, it was not an easy match. Devon had control, Denis didn’t have a chance to win, but for Devon to finish him was not easy.

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Yeah, and then now the people think Denis, no! Denis is not like in the past, he is not good… Ermes says that when he controls the hand and wrist of his opponent, he never loses because of his power, back pressure, and big press. However, Ermes admits the real challenge lies in dealing with Denis’s strong hand during the setup. And one thing, I’m sure if I have control here, I never lose with someone when I have the control because I have a lot of power and back pressure, can use the press, and it’s very difficult to win with me when I have the control, yeah.

But I think the problem for me is the setup in the beginning with this hand, really it’s crazy, his hand is really crazy. Ermes genuinely believes he’s the favorite when he faces Denis in June at King of the Table 11, acknowledging it’ll be a tough fight because Denis will be stronger than last time against Devon.

But I think for sure when he comes with me in June, he will come… He will be stronger, stronger, yeah every event he will be stronger, stronger, stronger, stronger for sure. Yeah, and I really, really… I feel favorite really, but when… I will tell you something if somehow you go in and your wrist goes like this… Finished.

You may be in trouble, really, and his pronator is really strong, trust me. Devon didn’t start the match totally outside, he started with… like here, like here and then he was like this, but he had this press inside just to control his back pressure.

If Devon would pull his open-arm top roll like this then that match would be very risky for Devon. Yeah, yeah. And really it will be a very big fight for sure because he will come more stronger a lot, anyone who thinks that Denis doesn’t have a chance against you…

I mean, I’m not saying he will win, I’m not saying you will win either, but I don’t think… Yeah, but not like 80%-20%.

No, no, no, no, no, I tell you what: 55%-45%, 55%-45% with what I know, if he comes in a different shape.

Who Will Win Devon Or Levan: Ermes’s View

Ermes thought Levan would be the favorite in this match, as even we know Devon has changed himself so much since the last time they faced each other, but Levan will be 100 % till the time they have a match in April.

Devon Vs Levan
Devon Vs Levan

As Levan has started his training and he is doing good weights in the gym, it shows his recovery has been completed, and now he has no pain in his wrist.

Why Engin Thinks it Is 50-50 Between Ermes and Denis

According to Engin, Denis gave Devon a good fight, as it was not an easy match for Devon at all. Devon had to work hard to tire Denis. Denis was able to stop Devon almost in every round, and if Devon had battled in a different way, then Devon would have had a hard time.

Ermes Gasparini and Denis Cyplenkov
Ermes Gasparini and Denis Cyplenkov

So defeating Denis is not easy, so Ermes will have to work hard to beat Denis, and Denis will also have to work hard to beat him too.

As Denis has strong backpressure and biceps, and he is so sticky, it would be hard to go through his biceps.


Ermes thinks it will be an easy match for him against Denis, but Engin thinks it would be a 50-50 match, as Denis is not an easy opponent for him. Denis has good endurance, back pressure, and strong biceps. To defeat him one has to go through them.

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