Denis Cyplenkov Vs Ermes Gasparini

Hello, arm wrestling fans, as we know Denis Vs Ermes will happen at the King of the Table on June 1, so every arm wrestling fan is excited about this match.

Ermes also wanted this match, as we have seen many times on Engin’s podcast about his future match with Denis Cyplenkov.

Denis Cyplenkov is a legendary arm wrestler from Russia who has been known as the strongest arm wrestler in the history of arm wrestling.

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Denis Vs Ermes

A video has been uploaded on the Arm Olymp YouTube channel regarding Denis’s health update, and training.

Denis on the video shared he is ok, and nothing is bothering him, he is getting reading. Denis also clarified that this time he will not show his full training and sparring videos. And it is understood that last they uploaded a full training video, that revealed their secret training and sparring.

This time Denis is not gonna do this type of mistake again.

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