Devon Larratt Or Levan Saginashvili: Who is More Stronger Now

If you are an arm wrestling fan, then you must know these two arm wrestlers. Devon Larratt is considered one of the best arm wrestlers in the history of arm wrestling and has been consistent over the years.

Levan Saginashvili is considered one of the strongest arm wrestlers who has been so dominant on the right hand for years.

Devon Larratt Vs Levan Saginashvili
Devon Larratt Vs Levan Saginashvili

As of now, Levan is out of the game because of his wrist injury, but now he has healed from the injury, and he is going to face Devon Larratt once again. Devon vs. Levan is going to happen at East vs. West 12.

Devon or Levan- Who is More Stronger

Devon is a kind of arm wrestler who always learns from his mistakes and tries to improve himself when he faces his next opponent. When Devon faced Levan in 2022, he lost to him very badly. After that, he improved himself so much and lost only one match against Genadi.

But after the loss to Genadi, he never lost a single match, which shows how much he has dedicated to the sport.

As of now, Devon is considered the number one arm wrestler on the right hand, but he himself has said many times that he doesn’t consider himself number one until he beats Levan. So until the East vs. West 12 match, he is not number one, according to him.

But officially he is number one in the world.

Now let’s talk about who is stronger. As of now, Devon is stronger than Levan, as Levan has not faced anyone, so Devon has more edge on it, but if Levan achieves his previous shape again, then he can be stronger.

Devon vs. Levan: Who Has More Chance?

As we know, what is Devon capable of? After his consecutive victories over a year, we have an idea: he can do anything. What he did to Ermes and Denis shocked the arm wrestling world, so if he continues to level up like this, then he can give Levan a hard time at the table.

But nobody knows the current Levan shape, so it cannot be said 100% what will be the outcome of this match, but Devon has a chance against Levan, as the last time when Devon faced Levan, he was not that strong compared to his current shape.

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Can Devon Endurance Might Be Problem For Levan

When we talk about endurance, the first name that comes to mind is Devon Larratt, as we know that Devon Larratt is the king of endurance. The longer the match, the more it favors Devon, so if Levan doesn’t work on the endurance game, then it might be a big problem for him.

Devon Larratt
Devon Larratt

If this time Levan skips the endurance game, then Devon can beat him, as Devon is stronger as compared to the last match. So Levan needs to work on his endurance.

So what do you guys think? Who is stronger, Devon Larratt or Levan Saginashvili? Let us know in the comments.

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