Devon Larratt Vs Kamil Jablonski: Arm Wars

Hello guys, how are you doing? We know that Devon Larratt vs. Kamil Jablonksi has already happened, but fans were not aware of the result of this match.

Devon Larratt Vs Kamil Jablonski
Devon Larratt Vs Kamil Jablonski

People have been waiting to know who won this match. As we know, Devon has been so dominant for a year in both hands, as he defeated Georgi Tsvetkov in both hands and since then, people have thought that Devon can beat anyone in both hands.

Devon Vs Kamil

Now that the result of this match has been announced, and we know that Devon has lost this match to Kamil 1-5, it shows that Kamil is quite strong on his left hand, as he flash-pinned Devon five times and Devon couldn’t do anything.

Devon was not even able to hold Kamil for 5 seconds, which shows how dominant Kamil was during the match, as Devon manhandled Georgi on his left hand.

Although we know that Georgi’s left hand is not that good as compared to his right, Georgi gave Devon a tough fight when he faced him at King of the Table.

Why Devon is So Dominant on Right Hand

As we know, Devon is a kind of arm wrestler who doesn’t lose hope, continues to learn from his mistakes, and tries to improve himself every time he has a match.

One of the main reasons he reached this level was his loss to Levan at King of the Table in 2022, which attacked him psychologically and forced him to change himself. After that, we saw a different Devon who beat every single athlete who competed with him.

And his win over Ermes was quite convincing to the arm wrestling world, as no one had ever imagined that Devon would beat Ermes Gasparini quite easily like that.

And his revenge match against Denis was also quite shocking to the arm wrestling fans. Although we know that Denis of 2023 was quite different from 2018 when Devon faced Denis, Devon still proved himself.

Can Kamil Beat Devon on The Right Hand

The answer is no, as we know that Devon has reached a completely different level now, as he has beaten all the top athletes in the world except Levan, as Levan was injured, but now they are going to face each other at East vs. West 12, so all the doubt will be cleared once they face each other.

So Kamil has no chance against Devon Larratt on the right hand; although Kamil has defeated Devon on the left hand, Devon’s right hand is too strong for him.

Who is the Number one Arm Wrestler in the World on the Left Hand

Artyom Morozov is the number one arm wrestler in the world on the left hand, as he faced Alex Kurdecha on the left hand for the left-hand super heavyweight title match and he was successful in retaining the title. So he is the current number one arm wrestler.

Although Alex Kurdecha gave him a tough fight, Morozov is Morozov, and he defeated him. But Alex Kurdecha has the potential to become the left-hand number one arm wrestler in the future.

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