Top 10 Best Female Arm Wrestlers in The World

Arm wrestling is an amazing sport and has grabbed so many people’s attention these days. Although arm wrestling is not that popular compared to other sports, it’s been growing rapidly these days.

If you are an arm wrestling fan, then you must be curious to know who are the 10 best female arm wrestlers in the world. So keep reading this article to know the full details.

When people think of arm wrestling, they usually see powerful men flaunting their muscle might. However, women are also making significant contributions to this sport. Many skilled women are now participating and performing quite well in arm wrestling.

New women are embracing the sport, surprising everyone with their strength and power. Also, there are ladies who have been arm wrestling for a long time and continue to win matches.

Let’s know the top 10 best female arm wrestlers around the world.

1. Sarah Bäckman

Sarah Bäckman
Sarah Bäckman

Sarah Bäckman is an amazing arm wrestler from Sweden who is very famous in the women’s arm wrestling world. She has won the World Arm Wrestling Championship eight times! People all over know who she is because she’s that good. She works out a lot and is very strong, which makes her tough to beat in arm wrestling.

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2. Egle Vaitkute

Egle Vaitkute
Egle Vaitkute

Egle Vaitkute is from Lithuania and is one of the best female arm wrestlers at present. She is very tough, and she always pays close attention when she competes. She has won lots of big competitions, like the European and World Championships. She’s good at arm wrestling and is very strong, which makes her one of the best in the world at this sport.

3.Gabriela Vasconcelos

Gabriela Vasconcelos
Gabriela Vasconcelos

Gabriela Vasconcelos is from Brazil and is quite good at arm wrestling. Lots of people look up to her.

She’s super strong, and her endurance is to the next level; even in the long match, she doesn’t get tired. In her career, she’s won the World Armwrestling Federation championships many times.

She’s been arm wrestling for many years and is still considered one of the best arm wrestlers in women’s arm wrestling.

4. Heidi Andersson

 Heidi Andersson
Heidi Andersson

Heidi Andersson is from Sweden. She has won the World Championship eleven times.

She started arm wrestling when she was a tiny girl and is now quite famous. She is extremely adept when it comes to arm wrestling, and she wins so frequently that other wrestlers are taken aback by her abilities.

5. Irina Makeeva

Irina Makeeva
Irina Makeeva

Irina Makeeva of Russia is well-known for her impressive performance at the World Arm Wrestling Championships. She is well-known for her strength and arm wrestling abilities. She has received numerous honors, and the arm wrestling community holds her in high regard.

6. Fia Reisek

Fia Reisek
Fia Reisek

Fia Reisek of Sweden is also renowned as one of the best arm wrestlers, having won numerous European and World Championships. She trains really hard and is incredibly strong when it comes to arm wrestling. She continues to improve her techniques, propelling her to the pinnacle of the sport.

7. Nancy Locke

Nancy Locke
Nancy Locke

Nancy Locke, from Canada, is also a well-known figure in women’s arm wrestling worldwide. She has won numerous Canadian national championships as well as several World Championship crowns. She never gives up and is consistently good at what she does, which has helped her gain popularity in arm wrestling.

8. Victoria Karlsson

victoria karlsson
Victoria Karlsson

Victoria Karlsson is another arm wrestler from Sweden who is well regarded in the arm wrestling community. She has won numerous titles because she is so determined when competing. She is an excellent role model for anyone interested in learning how to arm-wrestle.

9. Małgorzata Książczak

Małgorzata Książczak from Poland has excelled in arm wrestling, winning multiple European and World Championships. Her achievement demonstrates that arm wrestling is becoming increasingly competitive around the world.

10. Joyce King

joyce king
Joyce King

Joyce King, from Canada, is last on the list. She is an experienced arm wrestler who has won numerous Canadian and world championships. Her athletic abilities and astute game plans make her a formidable rival.

These women prove that it doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a boy; anyone can excel at arm wrestling. They are tough, smart, enjoy the sport, and play fairly. This is why women’s arm wrestling is becoming increasingly popular.

Because there are so many battles and surprises, determining who is the best at arm wrestling can be difficult. But one thing is certain: These ladies have revolutionized arm wrestling for the better.

Arm wrestling may not be as well-known as other sports, but it is extremely popular among enthusiasts. These strong women are demonstrating how great arm wrestling is.

They encourage everyone, not just other girls, to work hard and be fearless in their sport. Because of these incredible individuals, the future of arm wrestling for women looks promising. As more people become aware of these women’s abilities, arm wrestling will grow in popularity.

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