Denis Cyplenkov’s King of The Table Match

Hello guys, how are you doing? We have a big update for you. Denis Cyplenkov has started his training for his next match at King of the Table, which is going to happen in June.

Denis Cyplenkov's King of The Table Match
Denis Cyplenkov’s King of The Table Match

Fans always want to see Denis Cyplenkov compete frequently.

As we know, Denis has not been 100% of his prime. After he got ill in 2018, he has been out of arm wrestling for 5 years, and he made his return in 2023 against John Breznk, and after that, he faced Devon Larratt.

We can see Denis is not the same as he used to be in 2018, so he has so many health issues due to which he is not giving 100% in training. So that is why he lacks some strength.

But it is also evident Denis is still strong for so many top guys even in his current shape, as he was able to stop Devon Larratt and gave him a hard time, as Devon had to give 20–25 surges in each round, so it shows he has still good shape for many top athletes and can give them a tough time on the table.

Denis Cyplenkov Next Match

Denis Cyplenkov is going to have a supermatch at King of the Table in June, as Arm Olymp uploaded a video on YouTube, and in the video, it was said that Denis will be competing at King of the Table.

In the video, we saw Denis sparring with David, Valera, and other arm wrestlers. Babken also mentioned that he will be uploading more training videos in the future related to Denis sparring and training videos.

As of now, Denis is not going to do any surgery; he will take more therapies and medication, and he will continue training.

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