John Breznk: Height, Age, Net Worth And More

If you are an arm wrestling fan, you must heard who John Breznk is, as John is the greatest arm wrestler of all time. In this article, we will you John Breznk height, age, net worth, and many more things, so keep reading this article.

John Brzenk Wiki Details

Date of Birth15 July 1964
Age59 Years (As of 2024)
NicknameThe Perfect Storm
Weight95 Kg
Height181 Cm
Biceps Size44 Cm
Forearms Size41 Cm
Wrist Size20 Cm
Net WorthApproximately $5 million

Early Life and Entry into Professional Arm Wrestling

Let’s know more about John Breznk’s early life, and how got into arm wrestling.

John Brzenk’s Early Life

Brzenk was actually born to arm wrestle like he had a turbo boost from the start.Growing up, he probably arm-wrestled his toys before he could even talk. This guy was destined for the arm wrestling arena from day one.

John Brzenk’s Entry Into Professional Arm Wrestling

When Brzenk jumped into the big leagues of arm wrestling, it was like a sudden flash of lightning. Nobody saw it coming, but hot damn, did he make an entrance. It wasn’t just about raw power; it was about being smooth, having killer technique, and a whole bunch of badass moves. That was the moment Brzenk staked his claim at the very top.

Levan Saginashvili’s Basic Information

Let’s know basic information about John Breznk what is his measurements like height, age, weight, and more.

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John Breznk age

John Breznk is quite old now, he is 59 years old. He has given so much to the sports, and even at this age, he is giving a tough fight to the current athletes who are younger than him. It shows his dedication to the sport.

John Breznk weight

John Breznk’s weight is 95 Kg, but as we know athletes’ weight keep varying on the basis of the matches, and the title. So it is the weight that John Breznk normally at.

John Breznk’s arm size

John Breznk’s arm size is 44 Cm, even with these measurements John has dominated in this sport competing with heavy opponents, in his prime he has defeated almost all athletes.

John Brzenk’s Big Wins and Championship Victories 

AAA Stand Up National:

In the early ’80s, Brzenk stormed into the arm wrestling scene, claiming AAA Stand Up National titles in various weight classes. Starting in 1984 at 200 lbs, he dominated at 185 lbs in ’85, crushed it at 220 lbs in ’86, and reaffirmed his supremacy at 220 lbs in 1990.

Arnold Classic:

In the middle of the 2000s, Brzenk rocked the Arnold Classic. He showed off his awesome skills in the 199+lbs group and won two times in a row in 2006 and 2007.

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AWI World:

Brzenk’s journey in the AWI World championships unfolded with multiple victories across weight classes and years. Brzenk was a champ from the big guys’ category in ’86, then he went to the not-so-heavy class in ’87, ’88, and ’95. But guess what? He returned to the heavyweights in 2001, proving he ruled the arm wrestling game.

Carling O’Keefe International:

In 1989, Brzenk rocked it at Carling O’Keefe International. He won in two weight classes – one at 200 lbs and the other at 230 lbs. That’s some serious arm wrestling talent!

Forsa Tropical International:

The late ’90s saw Brzenk’s mastery at Forsa Tropical International, winning at 198 lbs for both right and left-handed categories and a whopping 243 lbs in the right-handed class.

GNC Pro Performance:

In 2002, Brzenk added the GNC Pro Performance title to his collection, emerging victorious in the 198 lbs right-handed category.

Golden Bear:

The Golden Bear tournaments witnessed Brzenk’s consistency with wins in 1990 (198 lbs, right & left-handed), 1994 (198 lbs, right-handed, Supermatch Champion, Absolute Champion), and 1998 (198 lbs, right-handed).

Harley Pull:

From 2000 to 2009, Brzenk dominated the Harley Pull tournaments across various weight classes, showcasing his prowess at 220 lbs and 198 lbs for both left and right-handed competitions.

Main Event:

In 1998, Brzenk secured the Main Event title at 220 lbs in the right-handed category.

Mike Gould Classic:

All through the 2000s, Brzenk showed off his arm wrestling magic at the Mike Gould Classic. He took the win in 2006 (220 lbs, left & right-handed) and again in 2010 (220 lbs, right-handed).

Mohegan Sun Pac World:

The mid-2000s witnessed Brzenk’s wins at Mohegan Sun Pac World, with notable victories in 2005 (198 lbs, left & right-handed), 2006 (242 lbs, right-handed, 243+ lbs, right-handed), and 2007 (198 lbs, left & right-handed).

Over The Top:

In 1986, Brzenk emerged as the winner of the Truckers Division at the iconic Over The Top tournament.

Reno Reunion:

From 1999 to 2006, Brzenk totally owned the Reno Reunion. He won in different weight classes using both his left and right hands. That’s how you show who’s boss in arm wrestling.


Brzenk nailed it at ROTN, grabbing titles in 2007 (215 lbs, left & right-handed), 2008 (242 lbs, left & right-handed), and 2009 (199+ lbs, right-handed). That’s how you show you’re the boss in arm wrestling.

Sands International Wrist Wrestling/Armwrestling:

In the late ’80s, Brzenk won at Sands International in the 190 lbs and 215 lbs right-handed categories.

Sherkston Beaches International:

In 1987, Brzenk dominated Sherkston Beaches International, securing victories in the 200 lbs and 201+ lbs right-handed categories.

SuperStar Showdown:

Brzenk showed off his arm wrestling moves at the SuperStar Showdown. He won in 2004 (199+ lbs, right-handed) and 2005 (198 lbs, right-handed). That’s how you prove you’re a superstar in the game.

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Ultimate Armwrestling(Las Vegas):

EvLGPT: In the middle of the 2000s, Brzenk won big at Ultimate Armwrestling (Las Vegas). He nailed it in 2004 (242 lbs, right-handed), 2005 (198 lbs, left & right-handed), and 2006 (242 lbs, right-handed, 243+ lbs, right-handed).

Ultimate Armwrestling League:

In 2011, Brzenk totally owned the Ultimate Armwrestling League. He was the champ in the 200 lbs right-handed category.

USAA National Pro-Am:

Throughout the late ’90s and early 2000s, Brzenk dominated the USAA National Pro-Am tournaments, claiming titles in various weight classes and handedness.

USAF Unified National:

In 2005, Brzenk secured the USAF Unified National title at 220 lbs in the right-handed category.

WAF World Armwrestling Championship:

Brzenk showcased his international dominance in 1999, securing the Supermatch title in the left-handed category.


In 2015, Brzenk won at WAL, claiming the Heavyweight Championship in the right-handed category.

World Wristwrestling Championship(Petaluma):

Brzenk’s success in the World Wristwrestling Championship spans multiple years, with victories in various weight classes and handedness.

WPAA World:

In 1985, Brzenk secured the WPAA World title in the Middleweight category.

Yukon Jack National/World:

In the early ’90s, Brzenk ruled the Yukon Jack tournaments. He grabbed Heavyweight titles in 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993, and also got a Middleweight title in 1995 and 1996.

Zloty Tur/Nemiroff World Cup:

Brzenk showcased his prowess on the international stage at the Zloty Tur/Nemiroff World Cup, securing titles in various weight classes and years.

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