Devon Larratt Exercises

If you are a big fan of arm wrestling, then you must be a fan of Devon Larratt. Devon Larratt is one of the legends of this sport. He has been consistently arm wrestling for years. Even at this age, he has been dominating the sport. In this article, we are gonna cover Devon Larratt’s exercises, as we know Devon Larratt is so specific about his training methodology.

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Devon Larratt Exercises

Devon Larratt’s exercise are designed to enhance strength, endurance, and technique for arm wrestling. His workouts are not just focused on arm strength but also on overall physical conditioning.

Key components of his training include exercises for grip strength, wrist control, and shoulder stability. Larratt emphasizes the importance of a balanced workout that targets both the arms and the supporting muscle groups to improve arm wrestling capabilities.

Devon Larratt Workout Routine

Larratt’s workout routine is meticulously crafted to address the specific demands of arm wrestling. It typically involves a mix of weight training, bodyweight exercises, and specific arm wrestling drills.

Devon Larratt Workout Routine
Devon Larratt Workout Routine

He focuses on both heavy lifting to build raw strength and lighter, high-repetition exercises for endurance. A typical session might include exercises like pull-ups, hammer curls, and wrist curls, alongside more specialized movements that mimic the arm wrestling motion to improve technique and muscle memory.

Devon Larratt Pronator Exercises

Strengthening the pronator muscles is crucial for arm wrestlers, as these muscles play a significant role in rotating the wrist and controlling the opponent’s hand.

Devon Larratt incorporates specific pronator exercises in his training to enhance his grip and wrist control. These exercises might include wrist pronation with resistance bands or using a dumbbell to perform wrist rotations.

Such movements help in developing the pronator teres and pronator quadratus muscles, essential for arm wrestling success.

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Devon Larratt Forearm Exercises

The forearms are pivotal in arm wrestling, providing the grip strength and wrist stability needed during a match. Larratt’s forearm training includes a variety of exercises designed to build muscular endurance and power. Wrist curls, reverse wrist curls, and static holds with heavy weights are staples in his regimen. Additionally, he often uses grip strengtheners and practices hand clamping to further enhance his forearm strength.

Devon Larratt Arm Exercises

Building powerful arms is a fundamental aspect of Larratt’s training. His arm exercises focus on both the biceps and triceps, ensuring a balanced development for pushing and pulling movements. Exercises such as bicep curls, tricep extensions, and arm wrestlers’ table pulls are part of his routine. He also incorporates compound movements like bench presses and rows to support overall arm strength and functionality.

Devon Larratt Arm Wrestling Exercises

Specific to arm wrestling, Larratt engages in exercises that simulate the arm wrestling movement and grip. Table training, where he practices with an actual arm wrestling table, is crucial. This includes pulling movements against resistance bands, table top curls, and practicing grips and holds that mimic real match scenarios. Such specialized training helps in fine-tuning his technique and building the muscle memory required for competitive arm wrestling.

Devon Larratt Results

Devon Larratt’s dedication to his training and exercises has led to numerous victories and accolades in arm wrestling competitions around the world. His results speak volumes about his commitment and skill, with wins against some of the sport’s most formidable opponents. Larratt’s achievements are a testament to the effectiveness of his workout regimen and his understanding of the sport’s demands.

Devon Larratt Tips

Beyond specific exercises and routines, Larratt often shares valuable tips for aspiring arm wrestlers. These include the importance of a well-rounded physical conditioning program, the need for consistent practice and technique refinement, and the role of mental toughness in competitive success. He also emphasizes the significance of nutrition and recovery, advising on the importance of a balanced diet and adequate rest for optimal performance and growth.


As we know arm wrestling exercises are different than our normal gym exercises, so one should be very careful which one to pick. Devon’s arm wrestling exercises are a bit different from other arm wrestlers, as Devon is so specific about his exercises.

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