Audent Larratt Vs Whisperer: King Of The Table 10

Hello, arm wrestling fans, you must be excited for the king of the table 10 as it is going to happen tonight in Dubai. Big matches are going to happen at this event. One of the biggest matches of this event is Auden Larratt Vs Whisperer.

Audent Larratt is the son of the legend of arm wrestling Devon Larratt, and people are so excited to see his son competing at the King of the Table event, and it is a big match for a father. Devon himself said that he would not be there at the event and watch the match at home.

Audent Larratt Vs Whisperer

If we talk about Whisperer, he is the more experienced arm wrestler as compared to Audent Larratt and has competed at many arm wrestling events. It could be an advantage for him in this match against Larratt.

Auden Larratt Vs Whisperer
Auden Larratt Vs Whisperer

But Audnet Larratt is not a normal arm wrestler, he is the son of Devon Larratt, and he must be getting intense training from his father. So nothing can be said about who has more advantage.

Let’s see who wins tonight at this event. This match is a big match for both of them.

Who do you think has more chance of winning this match? Let us know in the comments. For more such updates keep visiting arm wrestling updates.

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