Auden Larratt Wins At King Of The Table 10

Hello guys, in the article I am going to share with you the results of the Auden Larratt Vs Whisperer King of the Table 10 match that happened last night in Dubai.

As we know Auden Larratt is the son of the legend Devon Larratt who has been dominating the arm wrestling for years. And Now his son has stepped on an arm wrestling journey.

Audent Vs Whisperer King of the Table 10 Result

Now let’s talk about the big match of the king of the table event Auden Vs Whisperer, although many fans thought it would be a close match between Auden and Whisperer, but the outcome was totally different. Audent dominated in this match and showed his level.

Auden defeated Whisperer by 6-0 and shocked the audience out there. Although fans thought that Whisperer was a more experienced arm wrestler, and had competed in many arm wrestling events, he could give him a hard time.

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What is Next For Auden Larratt

Now Auden has already proved that he is in good shape, and can compete more in arm wrestling events, now he should focus more on his training and should give more time to practice at the table.

He needs to compete more often at the arm wrestling events and should face more top guys so that he can improve his level.

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