Devon Vs Kamil: Who is More Stronger

Hello guys, how are you doing? Hope you are doing well. In this article, we are going to discuss Devon Vs Kamil, who is more stronger. As we know that Devon lost to Kamil at Arm Wars, and after this match everyone is bit confused about Devon’s capability.

Let’s dive in.

Devon Larratt Vs Kamil Jablonski

Devvon Larratt has been quite dominant over a year and didn’t lose any fight in both hands. So people used to think Devon was undefeated in both hands. But after Kamil defeated him, People are now thinking that Devon was just overhyped.

kamil vs devon
Kamil Vs Devon

Let me tell you, Devon has told many times that he doesn’t focus on his left hand, and doesn’t even train his left hand. So even not training his left hand, he is able to defeat many top guys which shows how strong he is in his left hand.

If Devon gets serious about his left hand and starts training, he can be quite dominated in left too.

Kamil Vs Devon: Right-hand Supermatch

Devon’s right hand is quite different from his left hand, as he is so dominant over his right hand. After he lost to Levan in 2022, he has improved himself so much that he has not lost a single match in 2023 except one match that was against Genadi, and that match was also too close match.

Kamil Vs Devon: Right-hand Supermatch
Kamil Vs Devon: Right-hand Supermatch

This progress shows he is undefeated in a year, and he is the current number one superheavyweight arm wrestler on the right hand.

Now let’s talk about Kamil Vs Devon’s future right hand, so if they get a right-hand match in the future, it is quite obvious Devon will defeat Kamil easily, as Devon has already proved by defeating top guys in 2023.

The reasons behind Devon’s win are many like he has so many techniques, and can adopt any style according to his opponent. Devon doesn’t make any mistakes during the match, he always makes good preparations for his match.

So what do you guys think who has more chance in the right hand Kamil or Devon? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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