Andrey Pushkar: Arm Wrestling Legend

If you are a fan of arm wrestling, then you must have heard of Andrey Pushkar, who was the legend of arm wrestling. Unfortunaltey he is no more, if you want to know Andrey Pushkar’s Height, Age, weight, and more, then keep reading this article.

Andrey Pushkar was a Ukrainian arm wrestler who was regarded as one of the best arm wrestlers of all time. He was three times World Arm Wrestling Champion and twice European Arm Wrestling Champion. He was also a strongman participant, winning the World Strongman Championship in 2013.

Andrey Pushkar: Height, Weight, Age And More

Andrey Pushkar: Arm Wrestling Legend
Andrey Pushkar: Arm Wrestling Legend
Date of Birth6 August, 1985
Age33 Years
Death Date14 November 2018
Weight125 Kg
Height192 cm
Wife Traffic collision
Cause of DeathSvetlana Pushkar

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Andrey Pushkar’s background

Andrey Pushkar, a super strong-arm wrestler from Ukraine, started young at 14 and was a champ by 18! He crushed the competition, winning 7 world titles, 2 European titles, and 3 Ukrainian titles.

Andrey Pushkar's background
Andrey Pushkar’s Family

People were amazed by his incredible arm power, beating much bigger guys! He was also super skilled, using both strength and smarts to win.

Andrey was a big deal in arm wrestling but was also known for being nice and helpful to others. He even helped make arm wrestling more popular around the world!

Andrey Pushkar’s Arm Wrestling Career

Andrey Pushkar started his arm wrestling career in 1998. He progressed immediately through the ranks, earning the Ukrainian National Arm Wrestling Championship in 2000. He went on to win the World Arm Wrestling Championship five times: in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2011. Pushkar also won the World Armwrestling Super Series twice, in 2006 and 2008.

Andrey Pushkar career
Andrey Pushkar career

Pushkar was really strong and powerful. He could use his arms to create a lot of force, which helped him beat really tough opponents. He was also really good at arm wrestling and had many tricks up his sleeve.

Pushkar did really well in arm wrestling. People think he’s one of the best ever. His story will motivate arm wrestlers for a long time.

Andrey Pushkar’s Accomplishments

Andrey Pushkar was really good at arm wrestling. He won the World Armwrestling Championship six times and was the Armwrestling Champion of Ukraine for ten years. In 2015, he was even honored in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Andrey Pushkar achievements
Andrey Pushkar achievements

Pushkar was famous for being super strong. He could lift really heavy weights, even heavier than his own body. He beat many bigger opponents in arm wrestling because he was so skilled.

Andrey Pushkar Family

he was married to Svitlana Pushkar and they had a son named Lev. He was also close to his father, Anatoliy Pushkar.

Andrey Pushkar Family
Andrey Pushkar Family

Andrey was known for his kind and humble personality, suggesting he likely cherished his family relationships deeply. He tragically passed away in 2018, leaving his loved ones to mourn.

Andrey Pushkar’s Legacy

Andrey Pushkar was a very famous arm wrestler who left a big mark on the sport. He was really good at winning championships, and people liked him because he was friendly and had a positive attitude. When he died in 2017, it was a big loss for the arm wrestling community, but his memory will keep inspiring new athletes.

Pushkar was born in Ukraine in 1979. He started arm wrestling when he was young and quickly showed he was really good at it. He won his first big championship in 2002 and kept winning more after that. He also represented Ukraine in international competitions like the World and European Championships.

Pushkar was the best in the world at arm wrestling. People admired how strong and determined he was. He could beat even the toughest opponents. Pushkar’s legacy is about being the best, working hard, and being fair in sports.

Andrey Pushkar’s death

Andrey Pushkar passed away on July 25, 2017, at the age of 34. He had been suffering from cardiac issues for several years before dying of a heart attack.

Pushkar’s death shocked the arm wrestling community. He was one of the world’s most popular and successful arm wrestlers, and he was widely regarded as one of the best of all time.

Pushkar’s death has prompted concerns about the safety of arm wrestling. Some people believe that the sport is too dangerous and should be outlawed. However, most arm wrestlers believe that the activity is safe when performed correctly.

Pushkar’s death serves as a warning that even the most elite athletes are susceptible to illness. All athletes must prioritize their health and listen to their bodies when they are not feeling well.

Andrey Pushkar’s Impact on Arm Wrestling

Andrey Pushkar was a dominant figure in the world of arm wrestling, and his death had a tremendous impact on the sport. He was a role model for many aspiring arm wrestlers, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations.

Pushkar was recognized for his extraordinary strength and power, and he was widely regarded as the best arm wrestler in the world. He has won multiple championships, including the World Arm Wrestling Championship and the Arnold Strongman Classic.

Pushkar was also an excellent spokesperson for the sport of arm wrestling. He was always willing to share his expertise and experience with others, and his efforts contributed to increasing the sport’s global popularity.

Pushkar’s death was a significant loss to the sport of arm wrestling. He was a great champion, and his legacy will endure forever.

Andrey Pushkar’s Influence on Other Athletes

Andrey Pushkar was a prominent figure in the field of arm wrestling. He was a formidable competitor, breaking numerous records and winning multiple world championships. His success influenced a new generation of arm wrestlers, who looked to him as a role model. Pushkar’s legacy will inspire arm wrestlers for many years to come.

Andrey Pushkar’s Legacy in the Sports World

Andrey Pushkar was a powerful force in the world of arm wrestling, and his legacy will inspire sportsmen for years to come. He was a great champion on and off the mat, and his commitment to his sport was unrivaled. Pushkar’s death was a devastating loss for the sporting world, but his legacy will endure forever.


Andrey Pushkar was an arm wrestling legend, and although he is no more, he still lives in every arm wrestling fan and arm wrestler. He was so dominant during his prime and gained so much fame in the arm wrestling world. He was one of the fastest arm wrestlers in the history of arm wrestling.

His achievements and contribution to the arm wrestling world will always be appreciated, and people will always remember him and be motivated by his achievements.

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