What Did Devon Larrat Give Denis Cyplenkov After Losing Arm Wrestling

Denis Cyplenkov and Devon Larratt are two big names in the world of arm wrestling. They both are the legends of the sport. In 2018, they fought left-handed and Denis won the supermatch with 6-0. It was a complete dominance shown by Denis Cyplenkov against Devon Larratt.

Arm wrestling, a display of power and skill, has attracted fans for generations. But what happens when two titans meet and one is victorious? Devon Larratt and Denis Cyplenkov’s story was about more than just winning or losing; it was about the friendship and sportsmanship that followed.

Devon vs. Denis

Denis completely dominated Devon Larratt in 2018 and showed that he is the best in the left hand, and even after Devon’s defeat they came out as a good friend, as we know that Denis is not only one of the best arm wrestlers in the world but also a good human being.

Devon vs. Denis
Devon vs. Denis

His calm and gentlemanly behavior shows what a good person he is. Denis is the kind of guy who always remains calm, even while arm wrestling, and never loses his cool; that is one of his qualities. 

Denis had not even a single difficulty during this match; even for a second, he was not on the losing side, which shows his strength.

No one has ever done to Devon Larratt before this match like Denis did to Devon Larratt.

The Unexpected Twist: Devon’s Defeat

Devon Larratt Defeat
Devon Larratt Defeat

In a shocking turn of events, Devon Larratt lost the match. Despite his amazing strength and skills, Denis Cyplenkov won, much to the surprise of viewers worldwide. As Devon has never lost to someone so badly before facing Denis, it was a kind of psychological attack for him.

What Did Devon Give Denis?

Denis Cyplenkov Wins
Denis Cyplenkov Wins

As tradition dictates, after a hard-fought battle, it’s customary for the loser to offer a token of respect to the victor. In this case, Devon Larratt had something special in mind for Denis Cyplenkov.

The Gift: A Symbol of Respect and Friendship

Instead of an ordinary trophy or prize, Devon Larratt chose to present Denis Cyplenkov with something absolutely unique: his favorite arm wrestling arm sleeve. This sleeve has accompanied Devon to several matches, representing his dedication and passion for the game.

The Meaning Behind the Gift

For Devon, the arm sleeve was more than just a piece of cloth. It was a solid reminder of the hard hours spent training, the highs and lows of competition, and the friendships formed along the way. Giving it to Denis was not just an acknowledgment of his opponent’s success, but also an expression of friendship and respect.

Denis’s Reaction: Gratitude and Humility

Denis Cyplenkov was noticeably moved after getting the arm sleeve. Despite being on opposite sides of the table during their matches, both of them maintained mutual respect. Denis recognized the value of the gift and received it with humility and thankfulness.

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The Bond Between Rivals

While arm wrestling is a competitive sport, it also promotes friendship and mutual respect among competitors. Devon Larratt and Denis Cyplenkov may be tough rivals on the table, but they have a friendship off the table that arises from their shared love of the sport.


In the world of arm wrestling, victories and defeats are inevitable. But what truly matters is the spirit of sportsmanship and mutual respect that exists between competitors. Devon Larratt’s gesture of giving his favorite arm wrestling arm sleeve to Denis Cyplenkov serves as a powerful reminder of the bonds that unite us, even in the heat of competition.

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