Levan Saginashvili Gives Physique Update and Devon Reacted

The Devon Vs Levan rematch is going to happen on East Vs West 12 in April. Both Levan and Devon are taking this match quite seriously and started training. Levan is now fit, as he has been out of the game because of the wrist injury. But now he has started training for Devon’s match.

Levan posted on Instagram regarding his physique in which we can see that his forearms are looking huge. To the post, Devon replied and wrote “Jesus… settle down.

It’s quite clear that this match is gonna be so hard for both of them. As Levan is not gonna take this match lightly, as he knows Devon has leveled up so much in the last one and a half years. He has continuously won every match except the Genadi match and that was too close a match.

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