Ermes Gasparini Talks About Devon Vs Levan Match

Ermes recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel and he discusses his current body condition and also talks about the upcoming Devon Vs Levan match. He says if Levan achieves his previous shape, he is gonna be a favorite in this match. As Devon is quite strong now it will be a hard match, as the Devon that he faced before was different from now.

Ermes also talks about his health, he says 90% body is recovered now and soon he will start training.

He will have a match in April or May, the opponent that he will face is not decided yet, but he will have a match next year.

Who do you think Ermes Should face next, as he was successful in defeating Vitaly now? He got some confidence now, as the match he had with Devon was shocking for him.

Ermes is now getting stronger than before because of his evolved training. These days Ermes is giving importance to his training more than before. This is because of his defeat against Devon Larratt.

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