Devon Larratt Talks About His Desired Shape Against Levan Match

Hello, arm wrestling fans, hope you are doing well. In this article, we are gonna talk about Devon Larratt. Devon Larratt said that he wants to be 5-10% stronger when he faced Denis Cyplenkov for the Levan Saginashvili match.

As if Devon gets 5-10% stronger than Denis’s match, then it will be so difficult for Levan if he doesn’t reach his previous shape.

Devon is getting stronger and stronger in every match. So if Levan wants to win this match he needs to be 100% in his prime shape. Anything less than that will favor Devon Larratt.

Now East Vs West is the best of 7 rounds, then it will be more helpful for Devon as if Devon stops Levan, then he will tire Levan and will pin Levan.

Devon Vs Levan rematch is going to happen in April at East Vs West 12, Hope both remain healthy and strong, as every arm wrestling fan wants to see this match.

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