Why Vitaly Laletin Lost to Ermes Gasparini at King of The Table 9

King of The Table 9 was one of the best arm wrestling events in 2023. There were awesome matches that happened in the event. One of the biggest matches was Ermes Gasparini Vs Vitaly Laletin.

Vitaly Laletin is the tallest arm wrestler in today’s arm wrestling world. He is one of the amazing top rollers among arm wrestlers. Fans always wanted to see Ermes Vs Vitaly since they saw them in practice pulling in Dubai.

Reasons Behind Ermes Win

As we know the match was not one-sided because they were not letting others win easily. The thing that helped Ermes to win this match was his different training style. After Ermes lost to Devon so badly, he changed his training style, focused on every part, and tried to improve his training.

Another reason could be Vitaly not fighting for the grip, as we know that table setup also plays an important role in winning the match. But in any round, we never saw Vitaly take his best grip.

But we can all say that Ermes improved him so much after Devon’s match and he didn’t want to lose this match at any condition.

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